Dark Company: Twitter, photos and more

Dark Company have joined Twitter, so you can read all of the latest gossip directly from the band themselves by becoming a follower. You can send tweets to them @Dark_Company and see the ten latest tweets at their homepage here (see the link to the left). So far the band have been posting updates regularly.

Expert lensman Phil Vee again photographed Dark Company earlier today down by the river Exe. It was a lot of fun and the shoot was made more unusual by Pete gushing blood from his nose and upper lip where he’d had an accident with his razor and George gushing blood from his thumb after he tripped and fell over in comedy fashion. Despite their wounds, the shoot was a success and we hope to have some photos up in a week or so.

Meanwhile, back in the studio, the band have been hard at work. The song Knowing, We Are from the Bad Habits collection is nearing completion after sorting out all of its layers, re-recording all of George’s guitar tracks and introducing a new compression system to Studio 1, which is simply fabulous.

Due to a poorly Atari in Studio 2, Pete has managed to record the voices for five songs we were not expecting to do this week. They were Mister Dream from the Alien Heat collection and We All Lite Up, Zero Heroes, Spiritual Remission and Exstacy from the Can of Worms collection. There are only two more songs needing vocal parts recording on the Alien Heat collection (Traveller and Dancin’ in the Dark) before we can start mixing it.