Dark Company: upgrades to the Alien Heat album

Upgrades to the Alien Heat album? Seriously??

Here is some splendid news for fans of Dark Company. We are attempting to finally finish and release Dark Company‘s awesome Alien Heat album. There is still a lot to do, but every step is a step closer to finishing it.

Due to the seemingly neverending lockdown, we are still waiting for our specialists, who are about two hours away by road, to reopen their workshop. A couple of vital pieces of vintage gear, which cannot be repaired easily, need to be fixed before the final parts can be recorded.

In the meantime, we have been finishing off as much of the mixing and the other parts of the songs as we can. That way, when the equipment is usable in the studios again, it won’t take too long to finish everything off.

Things always seem to be very busy here. It has been a few years since a new version of an Alien Heat song was released, despite various odd bits of work going on behind the scenes every now and again. We felt it was about time that we shared our recent workings with Dark Company‘s fans, especially with the recent popularity of Dancing In The Dark on SoundCloud.

The four upgraded Alien Heat songs are Dancing In The Dark, The Winds of Heaven, Prisoner and Traveller.

Before the latest lockdown kicked in, the amazing Sven Stiglund came to record some new drums for Dancing In The Dark and The Winds of Heaven. He did a truly fantastic job! We are somewhat in awe of his incredible drumming skills. Sven will be back for more soon.

Essentially, all that these upgraded tracks now need is guitars, basses, mixing and mastering. More upgrades to the Alien Heat album will be coming soon, with Jigsaw and The Joker currently both in the works.

We shall probably be uploading upgraded songs in batches of four, as there are 16 songs on the Alien Heat album altogether. Further developments will be announced in our News service and on Twitter.

Feel free to enjoy listening to the newest versions of these wonderful Dark Company songs. You can follow the lyrics and read the fun facts and backstories at the same time as listening if you wish.

If you would like to listen to the whole Alien Heat album as it stands right now here at the Wud Records website, please click here.

To listen to the upgraded Dancing In The Dark, please click here.

To listen to the upgraded The Winds of Heaven, please click here.

To listen to the upgraded Prisoner, please click here.

To listen to the upgraded Traveller, please click here.