Dark Company: Victory Garden and Venturi

Victory Garden and Venturi, the third and fourth upgraded alpha mixes of the forthcoming Mind Dance album from Dark Company, have been uploaded to the Mind Dance page playlist.

Track #3, Victory Garden, is a haunting and amusing look at American politics during the Clinton era and is characterised by its simple melodic guitar lines and beautiful evocative drumming by Sven. It also contains the immortal line “I lost my heart – to an organ bank”.

Track #4, Venturi, is a magical and mystical song of great power with multiple layers of vocal harmonies and wonderful melodic driving bass from Maxx. We have not yet added the wailing guitar feedback or the acoustic instruments.

In the coming days more upgraded alpha tracks will be added to the Mind Dance collection from Dark Company. If you would like to listen to these songs now you can do so by clicking here.