Dayglow: band information upgrade

A Dayglow band information upgrade just happened? No! Seriously?

Yes, it’s true! The Dayglow band information in the Archives at the Wud Records website has received a welcome and unexpected upgrade. This is following on from a surprise and completely delightful email, which came like a bolt out of the blue, from the band’s drummer, Myke Heath.

Myke was able to provide several important details that we had been simply missing since originally publishing the Dayglow EP back in 2018. Crucially, he gave us the correct track names for the Grain of Sand EP, which we had previously guessed at. As it turns out, we guessed them mostly incorrectly.

He was also able to give us the correct names of the band members themselves, as well as a few updates regarding what the trio’s personnel have been up to in the years gone by, since Dayglow hung up their collective sticks and plectra.

One of our favourite newly emerging fun facts is that Dayglow‘s bass player, who was perhaps the tallest of several absurdly tall bass players on the scene, was called Will Little. Myke wrote “I still feel like a hobbit when I stand next to him!”

Dayglow were memorable for the massive transformation they underwent during our time on that scene, growing from a raw young trio finding their way to a well rehearsed and awesome grunge quartet. You can read a memory of the first show of theirs that we witnessed on the Dayglow band page in the Archives.

Dayglow are one of several bands from the vibrant English Riviera live music scene at the turn of the millenium. Other bands from then that you can enjoy in our Archives are Andromeda, Goodstaff, Guarana, Murdock and Recluse. There were many, many others. Klay, Free Barrabus, Torna-K, Outcast, Conspiracy, Fluff Castle, Piss Christ, Parafinalia, Kickdown and Inwardz Hair all come to mind. One of the bands from that era evolved into Metronomy, who are still enjoying commercial success to this day.

Perhaps someday a few more of the bands we remember from that era will be added to our Archives. Out of all of them, we are particularly interested in adding a hard rock band called Midriff, who were from Plymouth. They were especially magnificent.

If you happen to own any material from these bands, or indeed any of our other Archive bands, please contact as we would love to hear from you.

To listen to Dayglow and their Grain of Sand EP right here at the Wud Records website, please click here.

If you would prefer to listen to it over at SoundCloud, please click here.

If you would like to listen to Myke Heath’s new band Fabulous Weapons, and his own personal archive of great music from the years gone by, please click here.