Dr Watson: Opatov Session repaired

The Opatov Session by Dr Watson is the latest playlist to be repaired. We also updated that page here at Wud Records and added all of the lyrics and some other information to the various pages that now exist at SoundCloud.

Quite a lot of the old style Flamplayers have now been replaced with the new SoundCloud players and the results have been remarkable. We have come to realise that the music of Wud Records has become truly global. We are being played mostly between 60 and 110 times daily with nations from every continent represented on our map. So wherever you may be reading this, thanks for taking the time and we hope you are enjoying the music you’re hearing! :)

Dr Watson was George on guitar and vocals and Phil the Fiddle on violin. They played many, many times on the famous old Charles Bridge in Prague during 1997 and in several of the bars around the city. They often drew big crowds with their antics and musicianship and absolutely refused to play anything by The Beatles, no matter how many times those songs were requested.

The Opatov Session was recorded live in George’s hotel room one afternoon using a very basic cassette machine provided to him by the language school English House in Albertov. We have left the running order of the tracks the same as they were on the tape. There was sadly no beer at the time so this performance definitely suffered at least a 15% reducer because of the prevailing dryness.

This collection of 17 tracks represents just about everything that Dr Watson were playing at that time. Aeroplane was still quite a new piece and would later be performed by Flicker, and Broken Tubes was eventually given a new lease of life on Dark Company’s Mind Dance album after the digital version called Horizontal Hold appeared on Can of Worms.

If you would like to listen to The Opatov Session by Dr Watson here at the Wud Records website, you can do so by clicking here.

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