Dark Company: Drift of Stars and more

Drift of Stars is the only collection of songs by Dark Company for which we have not yet uploaded any material, not even any dodgy alpha material! Recently Dark Company have been recording some loose versions of the songs for the Drift of Stars album. Pete’s vocals for several of the songs are now done and we hope to be able to bring you some alpha mixes as previews to the completed album before long.

In other Dark Company news, we are still working away at finishing off the Bad Habits album. This is still some way from being finished, but at least things are moving in the right direction. So far the first three songs have all been finished and mastered and are sounding fantastic.

All of the Bad Habits songs will have a number of extra mixes for fans to join in with on their microphone and guitar, or even hairbrush and tennis racquet. By stripping away different instruments it is also possible to hear some of the more subtle touches within the music that one would normally only notice if they were not there at all. Each instrument is removed from the different mixes so bass players and drummers can join the fun too, even keyboard players and horn sections where appropriate. If you are a musician, you can be the star with Dark Company as your backing band!

The remastering of the Rage in Heaven album is also coming along. So far this process has reached the halfway point with five of the ten original songs on the album now remastered. We are looking into the possibility of adding some bonus tracks to the remastered album, much as we did with Signmaker. There will be more news on this to come sometime soon.

Pete has been busy making more of his visual creations and we shall upload the latest batch of these to his gallery in the next few days.