Flicker: At Least 1000 Words remastered and distributed globally

At Least 1000 Words Remastered and Distributed Globally

At Least 1000 Words remastered and distributed globally? Really?!

Yes! Now that Flicker‘s album At Least 1000 Words has been remastered, it has been sent for global distribution.

Although you *can* download the album from some of the platforms, we strongly recommend downloading it from Bandcamp instead.

There are three compelling reasons.

Firstly, you will end up owning a higher quality file format of your choosing. Bandcamp offers downloads in MP3, V0, MP3 320, FLAC, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, ALAC, WAV, and AIFF. It comes with all the free artwork you need to make your own CD, if you want to make one.

Secondly, you will pay less for the digital download at Bandcamp than other huge corporate providers.

Thirdly, not only will you pay less, a greater proportion of what you pay for the album will support the band directly. At Wud Records, we offer our artists massively more favourable terms than any big label we know of. Why not google the typical rates? Other search engines are available.

Big greedy corporations like to take huge markups from whatever they charge. For example, Amazon are charging $9.49 for an album of mp3s and they take around 30% of that.

At Bandcamp you can download At Least 1000 Words for €7, which is $7.48 at the time of publishing this news post. Bandcamp only take 15%. They take 0% of it if you happen to buy the album on Bandcamp Friday.

After the sales platform has taken its cut, the distrubtion company takes a percentage of what’s left. Then the label and the publisher take a percentage. The rest goes to the performers and composers, in other words, the band themselves.

When possible, please support your favourite artists through Bandcamp. Try to avoid enormous megacorporations that are only interested in money, rather than supporting amazing independent music.

At Least 1000 Words is now available for streaming on the following platforms. Simply click below to open the album in a new tab.


Flicker’s linktree has been updated with all of these streaming services. Check it out by clicking here!

If the album is not yet live on your favourite streaming service, it will probably come online in the coming days.

Thanks to everyone who came along to the listening party at Bandcamp on Saturday. We might hold further listening parties for other albums in the future.

And That’s Not All…

In other Flicker news, a little more progress has been made recently regarding some of the tracks that will be included on Flicker‘s HappySad album. They are Shooting Star, Wouldn’t You Know It, Little White Dress and Victim of Success. You can hear some very dodgy demos of the entire album by clicking here.

Flicker‘s second album, HappySad, is under construction and you can listen to it as it stands right now by clicking here. Several more tracks are likely to be released in the coming weeks and months, so please keep an eye and an ear on our News service and Twitter.

At Least 1000 Words remastered and re-released - the back cover of the CD jewel case.

At Least 1000 Words remastered and re-released – the back cover of the CD jewel case.