HappySad (2012)

HappySad by Flicker.

HappySad is the second album by Flicker. It is an album which we love, and we hope you will love it too. There may be as many as 19 tracks on the finished album depending on finished track lengths and available space.

HappySad is under construction and new tracks will be added when they are finished. Most of the tracks will be released at 432Hz, although some of the ones that are completed earlier will still be 440Hz.

All of the tracks were composed between early 1998 and late 2001. All of them were born on guitar apart from two. One burst forth from a six-string balalaika. The other germinated from a seed that was created by Dave and George using a green 8-sided die. This was an Oblique Strategy that they devised on the spur of the moment.

There are some very rough Demo recordings of the HappySad album available for hardy fans who wish to hear some spoilers. The demos are to give the band a vague idea of where the pieces are going in a melodic and rhythmic sense and are not necessarily representative of how the final album will sound.

The name of the album comes from a piece of jewelry worn in the ear of a muse. The actual pieces on the album tend to be either exuberantly happy or tragically sad, giving it a somewhat bi-polar feel with its extreme emotional contrasts.

We will let Flicker fans know about updates to this album through our ‘News’ service and on Twitter. Flicker and Wud Records have their own separate Twitter accounts.