Flicker: Nádraží!

Nádraží! is a brand new release by Flicker. It has been added to their growing HappySad album.

Nádraží! is the fifth HappySad track to be finished and the first in 2024. This is clearly fabulous news for everyone concerned!

We hope that you will love this tune as much as we do. Nádraží!, at just 2:26 in length, is a quick, hard-hitting, uptempo heavy rock instrumental.

Nádraží was recorded using A = 432Hz, instead of the usual standard concert pitch of A = 440Hz. There is a lot of information available online for anyone interested in the fascinating whys, wherefores and history of these two tuning frequencies.

It was composed in late 2000 and early 2001, before George went to Prague to visit his friends there.

Several of the tunes that he had composed very recently at that time had no title, so he asked a few of his Czech friends for ideas as to what they should be called.

The title Nádraží!, or ‘Railway Station!’, was suggested by David. The word ‘Nádraží’ means ‘station’ (especially of the railway variety) in Czech.

This all came about following an amusing and perfectly harmless linguistic blunder. A confused visitor to Prague raised his glass in a bar to some friends and cried “Nádraží!”, causing much giggling.

The correct phrase would have been “Na zdraví!” – literally, “To health!”. It’s an easy mistake to make when visiting the Czech Republic.

Nádraží! is in the key of A minor and the tempo is within the allegro range, at 138 BPM. The guitar is played on Nicodemus. Maxx plays the Plank and Sven plays mostly Tama and Zildjian.

The guitar and bass parts were recorded using the Neural Quad Cortex. George used two factory presets from the QC and he changes pickup configurations as the piece develops. These patches were called We Love Herbie (left) and Piece of Mind (right).

Maxx created his own patches from scratch on the Quad Cortex, as he likes to do such things.

Nádraží! is slated to be track #13 on the HappySad album and is currently exclusive to Bandcamp. We plan to add it to SoundCloud soon, and other platforms in good time.

If you would like to listen to or download Nádraží! from Flicker’s growing HappySad album, you can do so by clicking here.

To download the whole HappySad album as it stands right now, please click here instead.

Nicodemus and the Marshall. The edit is "a comment on the quality of the playing".

Nicodemus and the Marshall. The edit is “a comment on the quality of the playing”.