The Snail Gauntlet Demos (2002)

The Snail Gauntlet Demos by Flicker.

This is a glimpse into the more dim-distant future. These demos will form the basis of a third Flicker record called The Snail Gauntlet, which will begin to manifest itself once HappySad is finished.

These demos are extremely raw approximations of the flavours and feels that will eventually become manifest on the finished album. They are by no means definitive and are simply reference material for the musicians to use to create wonderful things.

All of the pieces on The Snail Gauntlet were composed between 2001 and 2003. Most were born on electric or acoustic guitar and encompass a wide variety of genres. Many became manifest in High Wycombe during breaks in study.

Some of the recordings of The Snail Gauntlet Demos were made at Chiseldon House in Exeter in 2002, and the rest in College Road, Exeter in 2003 and early 2004. They were recorded on an old Tascam 244 portastudio and have their own peculiar kind of charm, despite a lot of dodgy playing and rough edges.

The name The Snail Gauntlet derives from the tiny narrow winding path to George’s flat, which he would have to negotiate, usually in the dark, during his weekend returns from university. It was often damp and populated by several snails, which required avoiding whilst carrying various bags and boxes from the car to home. George assures us with beaming confidence that not even one snail was crushed during all those countless journeys.

The fourth Flicker album, The Frumperal Way, is at present partially written also…