Flicker: new Flicker merch store open!

A new Flicker merch store for our fantastic band has opened at Redbubble. This follows the removal late last year of the Flicker designs from the Wud Records merch store, which is also on Redbubble.

There are all kinds of quality products on sale. From t-shirts and phone cases, to shower curtains and backpacks, to pet blankets and travel mugs – whatever you are in need of, why not support your favourite band and look really cool at the same time?

The new Flicker merch store opens with five fabulous designs. Three are derived from the actual album artwork of the first Flicker album, At Least 1000 Words. They are the Fire in The Wood, a Large Swirly and a Small Swirly.

The band’s second album is also represented by the twin faces of HappySad, the name and concept for which was inspired by a silver earing from Silesia.

The fifth design is some really cool flaming lettering, as used right here on Flicker’s pages at the Wud Records website, combined with a stretched copy of the Swirly.

The Swirly is a picture of a fibre optic lamp that was blown to wiggle its tendrils, and photographed at slow speed. The image was then sliced and joined as if mirrored. Dave did the graphic work and the blowing, and the photo was taken by Cliff.

There is a certain amount of obscurity and cool factor to the designs as they are enigmatic images, rather than being obviously from a band. Those who know, will know.

We plan to work with Flicker to add further designs to the new Flicker merch store in the coming weeks and months. Some of the designs are temporary, so we recommend snapping up some cool and unique merch while you still have the opportunity. We shall post notices of changes and updates on Twitter and in our News service, so please keep an eye on both of those.

If you would like to visit the new Flicker merch store, you can do so by clicking here.