Flicker: auspicious Sauce!

George, Sven and Max were all in the studio today. As well as eating all of my bananas, they laid down most of Sauce! from the HappySad album by Flicker. Some of Sven’s drumming needs tidying up and George plans to lay down some lead guitar tracks which he’s not entirely convinced will work, but he says he’s not sure until he’s tried them. We may ask Dark Company’s Pete to blow some harmonica on this track as well. It’s been a long time since any Flicker activity occured due to the boys being busy in their various projects.

Just as the big red button that says ‘record’ was about to be pressed, a magpie landed in the tree opposite. “Morning Mr Magpie” was the salutation, at which point another one joined it. “Wow, two magpies, two for joy!” was the next comment. “How lucky”!” and “How auspicious!” were the next comments. Perhaps this would signify a successful first take?

Next during this bird-induced interlude, a third magpie arrived. “Three for a girl!” was cried with glee, and then came a fourth. “Four for a boy!” and “Any more coming?”

The magpies for silver, gold and secrets never to be told were not forthcoming as it happened. Nevertheless, it was pretty cool.