Flicker: HappySad album has begun

The new Flicker album, HappySad, is now under construction. Some guide tracks have been recorded and the Wud Records boffins have put on their hard hats and flame retardant clothing and are doing battle with drums, new software and a few blokes from the gas board. Seriously.

Chief composer George was asked to submit a brief comment for these pages regarding recent developments, and he said: “Ha ha, hee hee hee, ho ho ho ho ho!” and looked rather chuffed, which is neither especially insightful nor particularly interesting, but there you have it. In keeping with the title of the record, he perhaps could have wept at least a little to keep things in balance. As no tears were forthcoming our reporter left, stepping carefully over huge piles of pipes, mountains of toolboxes and great cathedrals of broken boilers in order to avoid invoking unwanted health and safety legislation.