Happy New Ear 2021!

Happy New Ear 2021!

Welcome to another new year at Wud Records! The whole team would like to wish you a very happy, musical and succesful one. Thanks for being here with us.

What a year 2020 was. Who could have predicted the global events that took place. So many dead. Live music more or less illegal. Hugging a friend or even giving them a fistbump forbidden. An uncertain future for us all. Nobody has ever seen the like of it, not in any of our lifetimes.

We lost four people who were very dear to us in 2020. We will never forget them.

Many people reading this will have lost loved ones to the dreaded covid in the last year and our hearts and sympathies go out to you all. It is tough, and we who remain must endure for the sake and the memory of those who are no longer here to carry the flag.

Some good things happened in 2020 as well.

We managed to release a little bit of music. Not as much as we had hoped, but some at least. It was great to finish a few things and put them to bed finally.

We added the awesome eponymous Critical Error album to our Archives. We’ve been hoping to do that one day for many years, and now it is done. A few more related tracks will be coming soon.

Artwork for some of our recordings has been finished and looks great.

More of our friends have left england behind to start new lives. Good for them! One described what england has become now as “a sewer of hate”. If you’re stuck there, you have our sympathies.

The lockdowns have actually been great for us. Spending so much quality time with family and being able to work on music in between as well, instead of doing a day job for so many hours every week, has been a tremendous boon. We hope that we can continue in that vein in the coming years.

Looking forward, there will be a new approach to social media as it has become far too time-consuming.

More music from Flicker, Dark Company, Pok and The Bastard Sons of Dennis will be finished and released. There are likely to be additions to our Archives. Further changes in how we go about things are anticipated, especially from September.

We are also quietly confident that this will be the year when we finally manage to repair a few pieces of long-broken equipment, release some more video and change our distribution loyalties.

“Happy New Ear!” was something George’s daughter started when she was two. Having no concept of a year at that age, she thought we were saying “Happy New Ear!” and it stuck. Seems appropriate enough for an independent label. “Out of the mouths of babes…”

So here we go, once more unto the breach dear friends. Hard hat and asbestos gauntlets on and back into the bunker for more of it, yet again. Bring it on! Let’s make it a good year.