Wud Records: Happy New… Ear!

“Happy New… Ear!” proclaimed this writer’s daughter (clown) a few seconds after midnight. She will turn three in about another month and sees things in a delightfully refreshing and uncomplicated way, as all children do. They make you think though. The world could really use a Happy New Ear or two. “Two ears, one mouth. Use in proportion.” That was what a wise man we knew once said.

This time last year our family had just returned home from Bavaria on a late evening flight. The flight back was stunning – all across Europe people were celebrating with fireworks and the ground was lit up with a myriad of brilliant ephemeral iridescences. If ever you have the opportunity to fly late on a New Year’s Eve, it is extremely highly recommended.

Little could we have foreseen the events that came to pass in 2017. The xenophobia, racism, hostility and the appalling illegal political agenda of the british government, and the callous, scandalous and unscrupulous way it treated some of our people for speaking out against their polarising hatred and madness drove us from the uk to a far better place – and a far better life – on mainland Europe. A number of our team came with us as we are not all english.

It was probably the least pleasant experience of this writer’s life, to actually live through such an horrific Orwellian nightmare, but to finally be free of that wretched country that I simply do not recognise as the place where I grew up makes it ultimately worthwhile. About 27% of the population voted for brexit, and they tended to be the older and less educated people. Due to brexit, we left brexeter and embarked on a grand brexodus. We are now living very happily in brexile.

Last year we had this crazy idea: to release a track every two weeks throughout the course of the whole year. This would mean there would be about two new albums finished. We were more-or-less on track until the uk authorities tried to destroy our lives. From then on we were engaged in a battle that involved lawyers in various countries. We were supported by various TV, radio and press establishments in Europe and thankfully, we eventually prevailed. The uk press don’t talk much about what is really going on in that vile country, yet it seems to be common knowledge on the continent. If you are in the uk – please do some research and leave, if you possibly can.

So we are hoping that this year we will be able to achieve our release goals. Our new studio will be functioning in the next few days and then we can set about finishing a lot of the unfinished works that lie deep within the entrails of our machinery. If we can release 25 tracks every year, we might be done in 20 years time – assuming no more new music is created in the meantime.

In 2017 we have also made a lot of new friends and discovered a lot of fantastic new music on the internet, thanks to Twitter, SoundCloud, Atom Collector, and various others. Feel free to check out the links and there are plenty more fabulous people and organisations on our Links page.

We shall continue to champion the cause of the musical underdog and help DIY independent musicians reach the ears that are longing to welcome them. We will also continue to rebel against corporate mainstream muzak product, designed by committee and manufactured to brainwash the masses, by promoting and speaking out for those artists who are making genuine organic real bona-fide music from the heart and the soul which the mainstream media censor by ignoring. Long live the Revolution!

So let’s all hope that 2018 will be awesome, and let’s all work together to do what we can to make it so. Here’s wishing all of our readers a very Happy New… Ear!

Sam, George, Kim, Dan, Tessa, Pok, Andy, Sven, Maxx, Udo, Zak and Josh.