Pok: The Centre of the Cyclone

Today Pok and Sven were in the studio laying down some of the drums and percussion for The Centre of the Cyclone. What they all did was rather pleasing and we are feeling collectively somewhat chuffed with how this is going. Sven did a fantastic job of bashing the right thing at the right time, as is his way, all under Pok‘s considered and contemplative direction, with George twiddling away on the knobs like a man with a beard.

The Centre of the Cyclone will probably be the opening track on Pok’s forthcoming Anthology album, which will definitely be a double CD and may even run to a triple by the time we have scratched our heads and figured out whether we have managed to do all the important stuff that needs to be done.

The forthcoming The Centre of the Cyclone has not been released yet. However, if you would like to listen to Pok’s Anthology album as it stands at the moment, you can do so by clicking here.