Pok: Cordelia Dreams

Cordelia Dreams is a new track by Pok that has been released to his forthcoming Anthology album. Finally!

The spirit of wud has triumphed against all the odds, despite the deaths, births, inherited financial nightmares, major equestrian and canine issues, too much non-music-related work, family commitments, illnesses, interference from foreign governments, equipment failures and technical difficulties, changes in personnel and the usual trolling, negativity and naysayers we are used to. It has been over three years since we have been able to release any new material so finally having a new track to shout about is a tremendous joy for the team. Hooray!

Cordelia Dreams is an instrumental piece that was composed by Pok on acoustic guitar during 1982. It uses ‘Drower tuning’, or drop-D as most people would know it, and is a beautiful and mystical piece that whisks us away on a whimsical journey through cascades of melodic watery meanderings. Sven adds the percussives – not sure how as this writer still can’t work out what beat is the first of the main theme of the piece, but that’s why he’s a drummer and I write stuff – and Maxx adds definition and assuredness with his firmly solid throbbing. The overall result is not unlike Jade Warrior or early Pink Floyd.

Pok recorded the acoustic guitar in a single continuous take using an £11 Encore guitar from Ebay (including postage). It was loaned to our studios by the mighty Dan from Musicisum, so many thanks for that. We can assure you that neither Maxx nor Sven completed their parts on the first take! The watery noises came from SoundJay.com, which is a fabulous free sound effects site.

With Pok returning to our studios again tomorrow we are hopeful of being able to add more songs to his Anthology album without another three years going by. We shall bring you further updates regarding Pok in our News service.

You can download the entire Anthology album as it stands at present from our shop at Bandcamp by clicking here.

Alternatively you can go ahead and download the track Cordelia Dreams from Bandcamp by clicking here, or just listen if you like.

To listen to Cordelia Dreams here at the Wud Records website, click here instead.

Finally – you might want to go for a wee before listening. ;-)