Pok: Cunning and Tricks

Cunning and Tricks is a new track by Pok that was just uploaded to his forthcoming Anthology album. It is the sixth track to be added, and rather like buses, there were none for three years then suddenly two at once. A number of other songs destined for the Anthology album are making good progress, so we hope to add more during Pok‘s next visit in June. We will, of course, bring you all the relevant information in our News service.

Cunning and Tricks is a Dylanesque lyrical masterpiece, composed when Pok was still a very young man. It features the considerable talents of our recently departed comrade ‘Speedy’ Pete Greatorex on harmonica, and Sven does a great job hammering away on the drums as always. He also bashes an anvil for a bit of variety, which you can hear in the far left and right of the sonic spectrum.

Pok plays bass as well as acoustic and electric guitars in the song, and gives voice to The Potty General and the contraption that is his own invention. Somehow this makes the musically challenging and absurd middle section seem more sensible, bizarrely.

Lyrically this song is awesome. The ‘Seven White Knights’ verse is one of our favourite lyrics in all of the Wud Records catalogue. The acoustic guitar has real balls and is played with great sensitivity to the lyrics.

You can download or listen to Cunning and Tricks at our Bandcamp store by clicking here.

To download the entire Anthology album as it stands at present, click here.

To listen at the Wud Records website, click here instead.