Pok: Explicit Music pages updated for Anthology

The pages at Explicit Music pertaining to Pok and his growing Anthology album have all been updated. Before we started doing this with our partners at Explicit Music, only four pages existed there. Now all eleven of the currently-released tracks have a page.

Anthology is an album of some of Pok’s oldest songs, which we have known and loved for several decades. Many of them have no proper version, i.e. one that attempts to do justice to the songs in the way we imagined them to be, as fledgling wudders and Masters of Drone from back in the day.

By making this Anthology album, something which we have always wanted to do, we are attempting to rectify this situation. Virtually all of the tracks on the Anthology album we consider to be essential classics in the pantheon of Pok’s enormous catalogue of extraordinary creations.

Explicit Music is the publishing company that deals with all the intellectual property of Wud Records. Among Pok‘s Anthology pages there, you can read official lyrics for all the songs. You can also read some details concerning backstories to the songs and a few details of action that took place behind the scenes when we were recording the tracks. There is also all of the relevent legal copyright information, names of the performers and references to websites where sounds and samples came from, where applicable.

Lurking within the depths of our machines there are mnay more songs for the Anthology album that are in varying degrees of finalisation. We hope to be able to finish some of these soon and add them to the growing collection. Of course, we shall let fans of Pok know about this in our News service and on Twitter.

If you would like to listen to Pok’s Anthology album on the Wud Records website, please click here.

If you prefer to listen at Bandcamp or download a copy of the album for your collection, please click here.

To check out all of the official song data, lyrics and fun facts from the Anthology album by Pok the Bard over at our partner site Explicit Music, please click here.

You can easily listen and check out the lyrics and fun facts at the same time by opening the different pages in separate tabs. All the links you can click from this news post will open in new tabs for you.