Pok: new photo gallery

A new photo gallery for Pok the Bard has been created at Wud Records!

A number of photos have been sent to us recently of the PokStar and we realised there was no gallery attached to his pages at the Wud Records website. That has now been remedied.

It is true that there are many photos of Pok all over the internet. He has been photographed and filmed more than any of our other artists. As and when more photos of Pok come to us we shall be adding them to his new gallery from now on.

We invite fans of Pok and his many musical projects that have existed over the years to check back from time to time to see if there is anything new. If we upload a large number of photographs, we will inform fans in our News service and on Twitter.

If you happen to find a Pok photo or several among your own collections and you would like to send them to us, we will be happy to add them to this new gallery and credit the photographers for their contribution.

The Pok photos we have been sent recently come from Claudie Fae, Cliff Smith Photography, Sue Nitti, and some unknown photographers. We are very grateful to them for allowing us to host their images of Pok.

Wud Records are planning to work on and release more of Pok’s songs fairly soon, after the current phase of Dark Company and Flicker work is complete. There are more songs currently lying in slumber in the Wud Records machines that need to be finished to complete Pok‘s Anthology. We are hoping to be able to continue this important work starting in September or October.

To admire this new gallery of photos of Pok the Bard, please click here.