Pok: Silver Ships on the Sea

We have been busy in Studio One with Pok recording acoustic guitar for his beautiful song Silver Ships on the Sea. It was composed nearly 30 years ago and is still one of the most evocative and wonderful pieces of music we have ever heard.

Silver Ships on the Sea is a long way from being finished as we have only recorded the acoustic guitar for it so far. There are various other instruments and voices to add to this song. We plan to add it to The Lecher on his Anthology collection.

Pok plans to record We Know You Well, co-written with Mark Drower, as the next track for his Anthology. More news on this will be forthcoming in the future from the Wud Records News service.

Pok will perform live at a number of UK festivals this summer and the release of the animated version of his book The Pook of Pok is coming soon.

For more details, you can visit his blog by clicking here.