Pok: Summer ’83

Summer ’83 is a new recording of an old song by Pok that has been released and added to his Anthology album. It is a wistful, reflective, questioning song with a slight flavour of acoustic Canterbury prog-rock.

Pok plays acoustic and electric guitars and banjo, Maxx Damage plays the wonderful old Antoria bass he calls The Plank and Zak Black plays the synthesizers. Three of the synths are free VST downloads from those cunning DSK synth boffins who we love.

The recording of this old song by Pok began in the autumn of 2012 and we finally managed to finish and release it today. There will be another song added to Pok’s Anthology album in the next few days – more about this will follow in our ‘News’ service!

If you would like to download or listen to Summer ’83 by Pok, you can do so by clicking here.