Pok: West Wind Blowing

West Wind Blowing is the latest track from Pok to be released to his forthcoming Anthology album. Anthology has now grown to seven tracks, with more on the way in the coming weeks and months. We will broadcast any further developments to this album in our News service and on Twitter.

West Wind Blowing is a blues-rock song that seems simple enough and then the unpredictable happens, and continues to happen again and again throughout the song. It has a great energy and sound, not unlike Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones or the Grateful Dead. Pok plays 12-string guitar, the bass and sings, and he plays the electric lead guitars as well on his old Ibanez Roadstar. Drums are thwacked in a sympathetic temporal fashion by the mighty Sven Stiglund.

This song originally came from an ingenious run on the guitar that a young Pok had seen Jimi Hendrix perform on TV, and he wanted to try to emulate it. It was composed way back in the mid-80s when Pok was a fledgling songsmith. It demonstrates perfectly the great potential he showed and his originality in taking something as fundamental as a blues progression and twisting it about in unexpected ways. It is a great example of how any young aspiring songwriter can do this.

In other news concerning Pok, we convened for three days over last weekend to work on several ongoing songs. We also travelled around with a recording device to gather some sounds of Mother Nature at Jacob’s Ladder in Sidmouth. Besides West Wind Blowing, progress was made on Wanted to Be a Singer, We Know You Well, Blue Sky and Silver Ships on the Sea. Pok retracked all the acoustic guitar parts for Silver Ships on the Sea on his Tanglewood, some of which we managed to capture on video. We hope to edit and release some video to our YouTube channel in the relatively near future.

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