Pok: Whatever You Are, Whatever You Do

Whatever You Are, Whatever You Do is the latest song to be added to Pok the Bard‘s growing Anthology album. This song is a wonderful example of Pok‘s ability to tell stories through song. The lyrics have been firm favourites of the wider Wud posse for over three decades. It concludes, rather reassuringly, with the lines: “Whatever you are, Whatever you do, Do not worry – I am one too!”

Whatever You Are, Whatever You Do is the twelfth Anthology track to be released and was written by Pok in 1984. The song comes from his rock opera Chameleon and introduces us to the characters Jacob T. Blackmore and Alice, the play’s two central figures.

Pok sings the vocal and plays the guitars and the bass. The slide guitar is played on Marsha. The acoustic guitar is a borrowed Ovation-style instrument, which was a cherry red sunburst colour and rather pretty. Sven’s drumming is busy, precise and as loud as ever.

This song has actually been on hold for some time. This was because we had planned for a different musician to play the keyboard parts. Eventually it became apparent that due to health reasons this was simply not going to happen. The track has now been released using refreshed and improved versions of the guide parts originally created by our in-house keys man, Josh Reynes.

Two of the sounds Josh uses are VST plugins from DSK Music. They are the AcoustikKeyZ and the ElektrikKeyZ. DSK are well worth a visit! ;-)


Those listeners with a more trained ear may notice the odd two-beat bar that occurs once in every verse. If you follow the meter of the lyrics you will hear it quite clearly.

The whizzer whistle was something that was found online by chance in an old black-and-white comedy movie from the 1940s. As soon as we heard it we all felt that it was a perfect fit for this song. The clip was played over and over with an SM58 pointed at the computer speakers in our office at various angles and distances to get the right take, and some long cables were used to reach the studio. Very hi-tech.

We anticipate that more songs by Pok the Bard will be released relatively soon. We shall let fans of the PokStar know about such developments in our News service and on Twitter. You can also follow Pok the Bard on facebook and enjoy lots of wonderful footage at his YouTube channel.

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