The Subterraineans: new pages

Whilst repairing some of the playlists of The Subterraineans, we created some new pages for the band by doing some crafty editing. The homepage for The Subterraineans here at Wud Records contains memories of their dear and departed singer and songsmith, Dean Trotter. We felt it appropriate to keep all of that the way it was.

The Subterraineans now have two new pages here at the Wud Records website. There is a page that tells the history, from the beginnings when The Addled Eggs disbanded, right up to their final show. The history of The Subterraineans is at this moment incomplete, although it is scheduled for the final chapter to be written sometime in the near future. We shall, of course, bring you news of such developments in our News service. To read about the history of The Subterraineans, please click here.

Laney’s Memories of The Subterraineans have been separated and given their own page. Her insights and memories, as somebody not actually in the band but definitely on the inside, are truly fascinating. Laney was the most faithful supporter of the group and attended every rehearsal and their two final shows. If you would like to read her wonderful recollections of this mighty band from the mid-80s, you can do so by clicking here.

At the time of posting there is also a gallery and two playlist pages – one of which is the band’s Demo and the other comes from a bootleg cassette of them in rehearsal, recorded on 16th November 1986 at 31 Cowick Lane, Exeter. Both of those playlists can be found among our collection over at SoundCloud.

We believe there are further recordings of The Subterraineans held deep within the archive vault and we hope to be able to bring you some of these one day.