The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Cosy Lube Turtle remixed, remastered and re-released

Cosy Lube Turtle remixed, remastered and re-released? Huh! You cannot be serious.

Yes, we are! The Cosy Lube Turtle album by The Bastard Sons of Dennis has been remixed, remastered and re-released. We think it sounds a whole lot better than it did before. We hope you agree!

The upgraded files can now be heard at Bandcamp and SoundCloud. We have also sent the album off for global distribution and it should start appearing on all your favourite streaming platforms very soon.

Although The Bastard Sons of Dennis are not very prolific on social media any more, we made a Linktree for them. You can check them out acoss the whole worldwide web by clicking on their links. You can access their Linktree by clicking right here.

Once the re-released Cosy Lube Turtle album starts to appear on all your favourite streaming platforms, links will be added to the Linktree for The Bastard Sons of Dennis so you can easily find what you want.

Ever since the control room upgrade that took place earlier this year (see this earlier news post:, we have been analyzing all the material we released going back to the 1990s. A lot of our output has been somehow fundamentally unsatisfactory.

Now our engineering boffins are fixing and upgrading the audio so that it sounds the way it should, rather than the way we thought it should when we couldn’t actually hear it properly.

Cosy Lube Turtle is an album of Blue Oyster Cult covers. All of them are considered ‘deep cuts’ and come from the New York quintet’s first three albums, released between 1972 and 1974.

There are ten songs on the Cosy Lube Turtle album, beautifully performed by Derek Broom, on voice and guitar, and Chuck Palmer, on guitar and voice. The ten songs represent about half of the Blue Oyster Cult covers in the duo’s repertoire.

Cosy Lube Turtle is an anagram. “Obey Cutler Lust” and “Subtle Curly Toe” are possible future albums. Unfortunately, as Derek and Chuck now live in different countries, and life has taken a few twtists and turns along the way, we tend to believe those two albums are rather unlikely. Who knows. Never say “never”.

For those who download a digital copy of the album, we are currently preparing some bonus versions of the songs. These are at this moment a surprise! We shall let fans of The Bastard Sons of Dennis know more details on Twitter, BlueSky and in our News Service when the time comes.

In other news regarding The Bastard Sons of Dennis, we have started deconstructing their Cherry Smoke Empire album. That album will also be given a full remix and remaster, similar to Cosy Lube Turtle. Further updates will be announced in the coming weeks.

Also in the works is a progtastic mini album, or EP, which will feature a full band of Bastards. This project is still in its early stages and we shall let fans of the band know more when there is something worth announcing.

In the meantime, if you would like to download Cosy Lube Turtle remixed and remastered from Bandcamp, please click here.

If you would prefer to listen to it instead, you can do so right here at the Wud Records website by clicking here.

The Bastard Sons of Dennis

The Bastard Sons of Dennis