The Bastard Sons of Dennis: The Furniture (part 1: overture)

The Furniture (part 1: overture) is the first part of an epic song called The Furniture by The Bastard Sons of Dennis. We have released the first part of The Furniture to our store at Bandcamp for your listening and download pleasure.

In Spanish it is called Los Muebles and is a traditional sea shanty from the Asturias region, which tells the tale of how a disfunctional family of linguistically challenged fishermen lost and then found some furniture following a flood, and the consequences. The Bastard Sons of Dennis have loosely translated the song into English.

The full version of The Furniture will be released as a single when all of its parts have been released.

We will be releasing subsequent parts of The Furniture by The Bastard Sons of Dennis in the coming days and adding them to the Cherry Smoke Empire album.

If you would like to listen or download The Furniture (part 1: overture) by The Bastard Sons of Dennis, you can do so now by clicking here.