Watershed: five live tracks added to Archives

Five live tracks by Watershed have just been added to the Archives section of Wud Records. They are the last five songs that the band performed at The Cooperage in Plymouth on Christmas Eve 1990, and during the show the clocks tick past midnight, so you can relive this moment with everyone who was there whilst you listen.

Many years ago there was another 90-minute cassette, which contained most of the rest of this concert. Sadly this cassette was stolen over 20 years ago by somebody who was very fond of Watershed‘s songs, so we have been unable to include any of that for obvious reasons. Whilst we cannot be exactly certain, we believe the performance included Judgement Level, Back Page Rage, It’s Not Yours, Saddest Letter, Purple Town, Fashion Conscious, Living in the Gap, Crusin’ in Contours and some others from their Do It and In Niceness EPs.

We deliberately left the gribulage between tracks in these recordings, so you can experience some of the flavour and atmosphere of a Watershed show. They were very charismatic and personable musicians who always established a great rapport and went down brilliantly everywhere they played. The low-frequency cassette hum is rather horrid, but when the band are playing you don’t hear it at all.

It is possible that this was the first time that I’ll Take You WIth Me When I Go was performed live…

We have collected a few links to other scraps of Watershed we managed to find on their Archive page here at Wud Records. You can also enjoy their cassette EP Life, Times and Dreams by clicking here. If anything else by Watershed should turn up, we shall let you know in our News service and on Twitter. If you happen to have any of their music, or perhaps you know somebody who does, we’d love to hear from you!

To listen to Watershed Live at The Cooperage 24/12/1990 here at Wud Records, please click here.

To listen to it over at SoundCloud instead, please click here.