Wud Records: 100 songs

Following yesterday’s upload of a new song by The Bastard Sons of Dennis, we now have exactly 100 songs for sale at our shop at Bandcamp.

All of our songs have been available at ‘name-your-own-price’, which includes free. Since we changed our pricing structure thusly, sales have increased. We were going to review the situation after 111 downloads, and as that happened within a few days we shall keep to this current policy for now and review it in due course.

Customers who download songs or albums for 89% or more of the price we set for each will receive upgraded files for free by email when they become available. We hope to be able to add a lot more of our bands’ songs to the Wud Records catalogue at Bandcamp in the coming weeks.

We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everybody who has supported our work by paying for downloads. :-)