Wud Records: Brexodus!

Brexodus = exodus due to Brexit.

After the UK Brexit vote fiasco, we left Brexeter to begin a Grand Brexodus. We are now Brefugees, making music in Brexile from the Fragmenting Chavdom of england, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Please note the lack of capital ‘E’ for england. We lost all respect for that country. This writer no longer recognises that country as the place where he grew up.

It will take 30-40 years to fix that sorry land, because that is how long it has been becoming more and more broken. However, in order for it to be repaired, first the will must exist to do the repairing and then the repairs must begin. There is no sign of that happening in the foreseeable future. The system suits the rich and powerful, so why should they begin repairing a system that isn’t broken for them?

In recent months we have concluded that in order for Britain to actually be ‘great’ for somebody living there, they need to be native, super-rich, racist and to have an IQ below about 90 coupled with a propensity torwards wilfull ignorance. For the majority, that actually means it’s not really very good at all, and somewhat nearer to Mediocre Britain. The mass media (owned by four or five super-rich individuals with vested interests) tells everybody on a constant basis that Britain really is great, so a lot of people genuinely believe it.

Exasperated, we gave up and left. If you have the opportunity to leave before the Brexit comes into full effect, we highly recommend you do so, as soon as possible. We hope that all the decent people who live on that mad island will be able to leave and embark on their own Brexodus, and let the xenophobic morons and super-rich do whatever they want. That way everyone will be happy.

It seems safe to say that we’ve just about completed the Brexodus by now. All of our people who are going to come with us on a permanent basis are within about a 45 minute drive of our new premises. We are now located bang in the centre of Europe, close to where the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany all meet. It’s so beautiful here. Everyone is friendly and helpful, the air is clean, the cost of living is lower, taxes are lower and stuff actually works! We have to concede that england is beautiful too, but how friendly are people towards foreigners, or to people with a darker skin tone, or to somebody who believes in a different belief system to materialism? What is there that still actually works in that broken land? Anything?

We are largely back up and running again in terms of our online presence. The one thing that we have not yet managed to get up and running again is our studio complex. This is because our new studio premises are housed in the cellar of what used to be a bank. The cellar was the strongroom, and to say that it is very well-built would be a profound understatement! All in all, this means that not only will sound leakage be zero when we are recording noisy things, but modifying the walls and the ceiling to suit our requirements is very difficult and needs specialist equipment, just to drill a small hole.

We will be finished sometime soon however, and it is reassuring to know that even a direct hit from a nuclear missile is unlikely even to leave a scratch on a microphone case. As for somebody trying to tunnel their way in, it simply can’t be done. So it’s great to feel very very safe here. The internet is about six times the speed we had in Exeter, and heading our way a few miles down the road there is a massive operation going on to install new super-high-speed broadband to everyone.

All in all our new place is fabulous. We’re becoming integrated into the local community and are looking forward to a fantastic future with a vastly improved quality of life in a society that wasn’t ruined by Margaret “There’s No Such Thing As Society” Thatcher. Bring it on! :)