Wud Records: charts pages up to date

The Wud Records charts pages are finally up to date! Wud Records started making the charts pages a few years ago. It’s been a low-priority project. All the same, it is still very satisfying to finally have this finished.

The monthly Wud Records chart pages stretch right back to October 2015. That was when we first joined SoundCloud and started uploading our bands’ many, many tracks at that platform.

There is plenty more music still to add too! Announcements of further additions will be made in our News service and on Twitter.

Monthly charts have been one of the features of the Wud Records website for several years by now. The first one was published in August 2016. By clicking here, you can read the assocaited News post that was published to herald its arrival.

Occasionally we would publish a chart before then, from Bandcamp statistics on facebook for example. Sometimes they were based on the original software we used for music streaming at the Wud Records website – the now long defunct Flamplayer.

One of the team would add one or two pages from time to time, when other things were going on in the Wud Records offices. It was something low key that didn’t require too much concentration to continue. Finally the pages are all up to date. We shall endeavour to keep them that way for all future charts too.

On 24th September 2018 the first chart page was published at the Wud Records website. This was for October 2015, the month when we joined SoundCloud. Around three weeks later, on 12th October 2018, we announced the beginnings of the charts pages at the Wud Records website in a News post. You can read this News post by clicking here, if you wish! :)

SoundCloud makes it very easy for its users to make compilations of whatever tracks they like. It is also a very good tool for growing a fanbase. If you happen to be a musically creative type and you’re feeling a bit underappreciated and undiscovered at the moment, why not try our handy guide for growth? Click here to open the page.

It works brilliantly, despite being six years old by now. The links may not be terribly reliable any more, but the theory is first class. We recommend you try it for yourself. After you discover that like it, you can buy us a coffee, or order some merch from our shop, or even download an album or two from our Bandcamp store to say “thanks guys”! ;-)

Only you can influence our next chart. Anything we do at those sites doesn’t get counted. That means if you hear something you like, keep playing it! Add it to a compilation. Give it a like. Leave a comment or two. Share it to your social media channels so your community has the chance to find it too. All these things are a tremendous help to a small indie label such as ourselves, and will absolutely influence the results of the month’s chart.

If you would like to see what’s been hot in all our charts pages, please click here and then select any month or year from the list on the left.

SoundCloud all time top tracks

SoundCloud all time top tracks – although the data is not always completely inclusive depending on how you look at it, so not entirely reliable!