Wud Records: forums status

We need to give you some news concerning the Wud Records forums status. If you have visited our forums recently, you may have noticed that the forums are disabled and you will be unable to log in or register. Whilst it is still possible to read posts already there, a certain spillage of html code has taken place and our special rubber html cloth appears to be too saturated to wipe it up.

We have been aware of these issues for some time and unfortunately the software behind the forums is no longer supported. This means that we will probably have to install different forum software and transfer everything to the new format. This is not an easy or quick task.

So for the time being, we apologise for any inconvenience. Visitors can always make comments to posts in our ‘News’ service or contact us by email if something needs to be said on some subject.

Updates to the forums status situation will be published in due course. Meanwhile, all we can say is: ‘Flump’. :-|