Wud Records: live streaming on Twitch

Wud Records live streaming on Twitch is now a real thing! We have been planning on putting this into operation for some time, and now it has finally happened.

The new Wud Records channel for live streaming on Twitch is there to live stream any action that may be going on in our studios. Why not drop by and say ‘hello’? You can see and hear what we’re up to, live and as it happens, with no rehearsals or editing.

You might be privileged with a front row seat to listen in when there’s mixing or mastering going on. You could witness some amazing (or dreadful!) live musical performances as they take place. You may find somebody moving things about, fiddling with software, maintaining or repairing equipment, tidying up, and all that other usual studio stuff.

That’s not all! You might see our musicians and personnel. You may hear us working on songs by Flicker, Dark Company, Pok the Bard, The Bastard Sons of Dennis, or even one of our legacy bands. You could perhaps even be a witness to Archive material from the Wud Records cassette or CD vault being unearthed and readied for the general public’s listening pleasure.

Everything there is done with an intention of achieving a result, as time is often limited. We are happy to discuss what we’re doing with you as it happens. You could drop by to share a coffee and a conversation and see for yourself how things are done in our studios.

So how do we work this? Well, there is a very old laptop that runs internet things in the studio. It’s not a very good laptop, but it’s the only available machine at present. This means that the quality of the live stream may not always be tremendously superwonderful all the time. However, we invite you to drop by just the same, and perhaps we can upgrade that facility when more people join our community.

The studio internet connection is only made possible by using a device that allows the router to be hardwired directly through the electric mains cables. The studios are built into what used to be the strongroom of a bank.

This renders internet, radio, shovels from would be music thieves, and intercontinental ballistic missiles ineffective. There is no chance of those things, or anything else, penetrating the walls, which are deep below the ground. Specialist equipment had to be brought in to drill every single tiny little hole we needed in the walls and ceiling!

We have never connected the main studio computer to the internet. This is a deliberate decision, taken for security reasons. Such a connection cannot even be done without some different parts being installed inside the case and a screwdriver or two. None of the studio music machines are connected to the internet, although there are a couple of devices that we sometimes carry to a different building and plug in there for an update.

Do you fancy visiting us and being the proverbial fly on the wall? If you don’t have a Twitch account, it’s free, easy and quick to sign up. Here’s the link for your bookmarks. You can quickly create a free account from here too:


Due to the unpredictability of work, family and life in general, it is not possible for us to publish a schedule or regularly stream at particular times on a particular days. Instead, we shall announce on Twitter when a live stream is about to start so you can come along and join in the fun. Make sure you’re following Wud Records on Twitter to receive live streaming alerts.

If you would like to follow us and watch the people of Wud Records live streaming on Twitch, simply click here!

Wud Records live streaming on Twitch

Wud Records live streaming on Twitch