Wud Records: merch store is open!

The Wud Records merch store is open right now on our third party merch provider platform Redbubble. This is tremendously exciting news! We plan to add a lot more products and cool designs in the coming weeks.

Our team have been asked frequently, over a very long period of time, whether it is possible to buy a Wud Records t-shirt, or hoodie, or baseball cap, and so on. Well, now it is possible. All clothing comes in any size you could want, and with a variety of different colour options. Come and see for yourself!

There are plenty of Wud goodies on offer for your home and office. Pet accessories, mobile phone cases, bags, mugs, masks, pin badges, stickers and much, much more. There are 82 different products available in our online merch store right now.

The first design uploaded is the Wud Records logo. Designs from our bands are on the way.

And that’s not all. We are making a very special offer to all of our Wud Records merch store customers. Free digital songs and albums for everyone who orders merch from our shop!

Here’s how it works.

First, you order your Wud ‘thing’. When you receive your Wud order, share a photo of yourself with it on your social media. Let us know where you shared it so we can share it on our social media as well.

At the same time, email us (info @ wudrecords.co.uk) to let us know what you would like from our catalogue. Please put something in the subject bar to make it easy for us to recognise your email. Hopefully it won’t land in our spam folder!

You can choose digital copies of any song (one track for orders up to 10 Euros, three tracks for orders up to 15 euros) or an album/EP (for orders over 15 Euros) by any of our current or legacy bands. Please note that we cannot send anything by our Archive bands for copyright reasons.

We will let you know by return email how you can receive the music. This will vary from one track/album to another. The process will be very easy and we will do what we can to help if you encounter difficulties. We will never share your details with anyone.

Products available in our store will be tweeted regularly to highlight them. Any special offers that come along will as well.

Now you can wud the whole world with us! Everywhere you go, as well as your home and office. Even your pets can join in with some wudding! What fun. :)

Click here to visit our store.