Wud Records: recommended albums at Bandcamp

Wud Records has changed their three recommended albums at Bandcamp. If you would like us to recommend your album at Bandcamp, please contact us by emailing info@wudrecords.co.uk and if we like it we’ll add you to our list.

These are our new recommended albums at Bandcamp:

Indie rock and pop from our shoegazing neighbours Bright Lights, Big Zombie. Surprisingly infectious, slightly spaced out and touched by early Pink Floyd in parts. An honest and refreshing album.

Strange dark gothic rockabilly with a big guitar sound. Elements of comedy in the lyrics and the music and refuses to take itself seriously. Suggestions of Stray Cats, Sultans of Ping and B52s.

After seeing their brilliant version of Baboon Shampoo on YouTube we had to recommend this. Cool, amusing and highly listenable, these old-skool rapmeisters will improve your day. NWA, Stereo MCs, Us3.

These are our previous recommended albums at Bandcamp:

This album is a beautiful, cerebral, multi-genre collection of lovingly produced songs. It has a ‘big’ sound and was created with careful attention to detail. These songs will stick inside your head.

Charming and quirky, the wonderful original songs on this album are performed with ease by Karl. His voice and guitar recordings contain elements of legendary folk Johns – Rembourn, Martyn and James.

Xidus Pain – a Jedi of juxtaposition and highly talented modern poet. His subtle linguistic cleverness will make you smile. Fans of words will love this album even if hip-hop is not a favourite genre.

We aim to change the Wud Records recommended albums at Bandcamp every six weeks or so.