Wud Records: what’s new

The hot summer sun and some of life’s other distractions have caused a slight lull in the activities of Wud Records in recent times. Everyone connected with Wud Records seems to have been away or busy or ill for some time. However, there has been some action and it’s about time we gave you an update as it’s been a while.

The Bastard Sons of Dennis have been mostly rehearsing and writing new material. There have been a few shows here and there, but not so many of late as the boys have been either busy or broken. We anticipate them returning to more regular gigs from next week and they are in search of some venues where they might play for longer and perhaps even be paid for doing so. They are also attempting to put a PA together and after the demise of the Black Horse’s open mic night and allegedly The Angel’s too, and are contemplating finding a venue where they can run one of their own.

Dark Company’s first album, Signmaker, has been digitally remastered and we hope to be able to bring it to you here in the next few days. We are planning a few special offers with the re-release of this album so keep a look-out for those. The Bad Habits album is approaching the mastering stage with just two more sings to finish up. George has been creating and recording baritone guitar parts on various songs across their spectrum of albums and Pete has been tidying up some of his vocal parts. We have also worked on some of Dark Company’s archive material and hope to publish some of their performances live in 1994 here in the reasonably near future.

In news of our other bands, George has again been attempting to lay down some baritone guitar on a couple of tracks for Flicker. A little archiving has been done for Now and an old Space Goats gig has been deconstructed and may be making an appearance on a page in the ‘miscellaneous’ section here soon.

Finally, we’d like to wish Nikita all the very best for her end-of-year show coming up at The Phoenix on Sunday. Nikita runs the open mic night at The Hole in the Wall on Tuesdays which is well worth a visit if you are able.