Scratchings (1998)

Scratchings by Pyg.

Scratchings is a live demo recorded in 1998.
Recorded by Glen Sherlock at Woodrow Barton Farm, Brampford Speke.
Cassette salvage and mastering at Wud Records Studio One.

We believe all songs to be by Maritn Dearmunn and/or Malcolm Learmonth.
These arrangements by Pyg.
All songs copyright © 1998 their respective owners.
All intellectual property copyright ℗ 1998 its respectful owners.

Martin Dearmunn – voices, acoustic guitar
Steve McTavish – fiddle
Malcolm Learmonth – electric guitar
George Davies – bass
Tony Price – drums

We tend to feel that these songs are a great snapshot of how Pyg sounded in 1998, which was a lot more raw and raucous than their rather refined studio recordings,

Steve, who played the fiddle, had already left the band when the cover photo was taken, so he is not in it. We also doubt his surname is McTavish. He was certainly Scottish, and a fine fellow as well as a magnificent fiddle player.

Tony had just bought a pair of tiny cymbals which he added to the drumkit for the recording. They certainly added a brightness, sparkle and uniqueness to his sound.

We hope you can make it past the rather nasty guitar sound at the start of Amerikay.