Lemming Meringue Demo (20/1/85)

Here is the demo of Lemming Meringue. It was recorded at Flat D, 1 Grosvenor Place, Exeter on 20th January 1985 in George’s room, which was the biggest, on the top floor of the house. It was recorded by Cliff using his stereo cassette player and a separate mic.

George plays an assortment of guitars, most of which seem to be almost but not quite in tune. He borrowed Simon’s MXR Distortion pedal and Cliff’s Guyatone Analogue Delay for the recordings and played through a five-channel HH P.A. with reverb. George had only just learned to play scales using hammer-ons and pull-offs within the previous day or two, and Fooog said just after the recordings were made that he was trying to guide George psychically through his solos as Fooog was a somewhat more experienced and accomplished musician.

Ken sings and plays some guitar here and there. It sounds as if Ken held the vocal mic by the amount of extra noise coming through it. Backing vocals are by Fooog and Tads.

There were various others in attendance trying to be quiet. Cliff, Fooog and Tads were certainly there, and possibly Jack the Frag, Graham and Sean might have been there too, although it is difficult to be certain.

At the end everyone (apart from Cliff, who was too sensible) yelled ‘Wud!’ a few times to release their pent-up energy from having to remain still and quiet throughout the recording process.

Three of the songs (The Mirror, This Time Tomorrow and I Know I Know You) were written by Mark Drower. The others were written by Ken and George.