Andromeda: Living Thing EP added to Archives

The Living Thing EP by Andromeda is the latest collection of tracks to be added to the Wud Records Archives. Living Thing is an EP that consists of four tracks – the live crowd pleaser Emdee Emmay, the title track Living Thing, A Flash Into Your Eye and an earlier version of the World 3 album opener Pin. You may find it interesting to compare the older version with the newer version.

Andromeda were essentially a trio who would perform with a fourth member on drums when it came to live shows. The main hardcore of the band was Joe, Amy and Chubs and the photo of each of them from the inner front cover shows them all in typical poses as they entertain their crowd. They were arguably the finest band ever to come from the sleepy Devon seaside town of Dawlish.

The threesome were all extremely talented and incredibly versatile musicans who would happily swap instruments on stage and in the studio. The album credits all three for guitar, vocals, keyboards, bass and programming. We believe Living Thing is the first self-produced EP from Andromeda. The trio were also young and good looking and it seems that a major label might have missed a trick in not signing them up.

After Andromeda ceased to be, Joe and Amy and Chubs formed a new band which they called Trimorphus with some other people. We are not sure what happened to that band or what they are all doing now, although we hope they are continuing to make their awesome songs in some form or another.

We have no more recordings of Andromeda to bring you, sadly. However, if you happen to have some of their music and would like it to find a safe and happy home, please contact and we will be happy to try to fix this.

We also plan to upload the scans of their album artwork to a photo gallery and shall let fans know in our News service and on Twitter. Again, if you should happen to have any photos of Andromeda doing what they did so well, we will be more than happy to host them in their gallery.

If you would like to listen to Living Thing by Andromeda here at the Wud Records website, please click here.

If you prefer to listen over at SoundCloud instead, please click here.