The Bastard Sons of Dennis: more new photos

We have now uploaded the photos from the second part of the evening of 1st August 2011 to the gallery for The Bastard Sons of Dennis. These show Mr Lijkkes and Mr Nejsan in action at The Sorry Head, Exeter, following on from their earlier show at The Oddfellows. The photos were all taken by Kim and we particularly like the way the lights make Mr Nejsan’s guitar look like it might be several different colours. If you would like to see these new pictures you can do so by clicking here.

In other BSoD news, the song Sometimes, which will appear on the Cherry Smoke Empire album, has been prodded a little more and is approaching mixing stage.

Mr Lijkkes has been working on writing a couple of new songs which the duo plan to rehearse and perform soon. We’ve heard them and they are fantastic!

The Bastard Sons of Dennis also have a full feature-length performance coming up at The Oddfellows, New North Road, Exeter, on Thursday 25th August 2011 at 8:30pm, so this is a great opportunity to hear them playing a lot of their songs live all in one hit. Admission is free and you are advised to take a duck and some spare underwear. All will be revealed, apparently. We are hoping that the spare underwear won’t be used for some sort of bizarre onstage cabaret underwear-swapping shenanigans as revealing all may not be the best option…