The Bastard Sons of Dennis: songs for sale and studio action

Due largely to a number of enquiries about songs by The Bastard Sons of Dennis being for sale anywhere, we have put all of their studio works for sale up at Bandcamp. There are only four songs at the moment – three Blue Oyster Cult covers in the Cosy Lube Turtle collection, and one original and slightly profane song in the Cherry Smoke Empire collection. The question is, can one actually have a collection of just one song? Hmmm… Anyway, ignoring the semantics, that is what we have done and we hope you will click here for the Cosy Lube Turtle collection and here for the Cherry Smoke Empire, uh… collection.

These collections of songs will be growing in the fairly near future as we have been busy recording Yuri’s guitar parts for Sometimes and Smile, both of which will go to the Cherry Smoke Empire collection, and Wings Wetted Down which is another Blue Oyster Cult cover for the Cosy Lube Turtle collection.

More recordings are planned for the near future and we will tell you about these in all the usual channels, such as on The Bastard Sons of Dennis’s Facebook page or their Twitter feed.

We have some more original lyrics to publish to the Cherry Smoke Empire pages at Explicit Music as well and these will be going up soon

In other BSoD news, the dynamic duo have played a number of stonking shows recently and will soon have some videos up from those shows at the Wud Records channel at YouTube. Kwim is away for much of the rest of June so we don’t anticipate there being many more shows in the immediate future. However, there are more live performances planned and we shall be releasing details of these soon. Whilst Kwim is away we hope to record more of Yuri so you can enjoy music from The Bastard Sons of Dennis on your mp3 player and eventually on some CDs which we shall release.

Kwim and Yuri would like to extend their special thanks to the people who came along to their recent shows and joined in with the silliness, and special thanks go to Dan and Kim for their video work.

This is by far the most linktastic news post we have ever published.