Critical Error: eponymous album

The Critical Error eponymous album has been added to the Wud Records Archives. The audio was salvaged from cassette and sent to us. We cleaned and mastered the files. Now you too can enjoy the amazing Critical Error eponymous album!

This is tremendously exciting news! We were all big fans of Critical Error back in the day and never thought it would be possible to hear their music ever again. Now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, it’s here!

The band’s main songwriter, Steve Mavin, tragically died in March 1999 from complicated health problems. He was just 47. It is a real honour to be able to leave a monument to his memory and his wonderful music in the Archives.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who made this possible. Paul for finding the audio files and the cover art, Aidan for his help and suggestions, and most of all to Rosie.

Rosie sent us the audio files and photos. She typed up the lyrics and credits and created a biography of the band. She remained in close contact to advise us every step of the way how best to represent the Critical Error eponymous album. We’re very grateful and humbled by the efforts that everyone has gone to in order to make this thing happen.

The Critical Error eponymous album was recorded in the summer of 1987 by Paul Bateman in his now legendary studio at 32 Howell Road, Exeter. Rough Terrain were recording their first demo there at the same time, and Prism shortly afterwards.

At first listen, Critical Error may sound like whimsical acoustic hippy music. Once you dig a little below the surface, there are some incredibly deep and sometimes tragic stories being told, based on the band’s real-life experiences.

We always admired their songwriting and their slick live performances back in the day. Listening again, with the benefit of more than three decades of hindsight, we appreciate even more what a great band they were.

Songs from the Critical Error eponymous album will be released one at a time. There will be a gap of a day or two, or longer, between each release. This is due to technical reasons regarding the way new tracks are released at SoundCloud.

There are eleven songs and a bonus track altogether on the Critical Error eponymous album. If you are reading this sometime in the future, all the tracks will be there. If you are reading it close to the date it was published, there may be more yet to appear.

There will be further announcements in our News service and on Twitter with regard to further Critical Error material being released. Be sure to follow those pages closely!

If you would like to enjoy hearing the Critical Error eponymous album right here at the Wud Records website, please click here.

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