Dark Company: Alarm Clock and All Tomorrow’s Parties

The Noir album from Dark Company has started to receive its sonic upgrade, with Alarm Clock and All Tomorrow’s Parties being the first newly upgraded tracks to be uploaded. The performances on many of the songs on the Noir album are very sketchy and little more than an outline of some of what is intended to be present, so the most dodgy tracks from a performance perspective may not be upgraded until some of the playing has been upgraded as well.

Alarm Clock and All Tomorrow’s Parties are tracks one and two respectively from Dark Company‘s Noir album. We hope that we can squeeze all 18 songs onto an 80-minute CD when they are done!

In other Dark Company news, Pete’s health has been too poor for him to do anything musical for a couple of months now. He is having new teeth fitted later this week and we hope to see him back in the studio sometime the following week. Meanwhile, he has managed to produce some more of his wonderful visual creations and these have been added to Gallery 7 of his artwork.

If you would like to listen to Alarm Clock, All Tomorrow’s Parties, and indeed the rest of the Noir album as it stands just now, you can do so by clicking here. To see the latest additions to Gallery 7, please click here.