Dark Company: BBC has Bad Habits

We have sent the first three songs from the forthcoming Dark Company album Bad Habits to the BBC so that the band can be exposed on air. That is to say, have their songs played on the radio, rather than being stripped naked in front of a large audience of the general public. Ewww… :-o

Whilst we are on the subject of double meanings and in order to clarify our slightly contentious headline, we cannot confirm or deny whether or not the BBC indulge excessively in smoking, spitting, swearing, nose picking, masturbation, gambling, drug abuse, poor personal hygiene or other such behaviour.

We have sent the Bad Habits songs to be played on Introducing with Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music and our local Introducing show at BBC Cornwall. The songs we sent were Tip the Rest, Whisky Priest and Pale Sky, the first three songs from the Bad Habits album.

When we have a few more of these songs mastered we shall upload them to the Bad Habits page here at Wud Records and the Bad Habits page at Bandcamp. There will also be numerous special mixes of each song to allow musicians to play along with Dark Company on their instrument of choice.