Dark Company: Benign Inquisition sonic upgrade

The Benign Inquisition album from Dark Company has recently had something of a sonic upgrade and all the songs are now at alpha stage. This means that some of the key elements of tracks are present and that a number of elements of each track are at least in the right general areas as far as how they will be when finished, even though they may not be right yet. Just about all of the live instruments will need to be played properly rather than using the guides laid down here and final editings and mixing and mastering must take place.

The previous versions were lifted off a cassette, so the improvement in quality here will be highly apparent.

We shall be uploading the upgraded tracks in ones and twos over the next few days.

In other Dark Company news, Pete’s worsening health continues to be cause for concern. The band are demoing up all manner of new songs for a twelfth album, and of the many tracks that we have heard already, we can safely say that it will be another wonderful collection of fantastic songs, as we have had various of them stuck in our collective heads.

There have also been a few other odd sonic upgrades performed to various Dark Company tracks, and we shall upload these for you as well.