Dark Company: Bright Monsters and Heavy Touch

Bright Monsters and Heavy Touch have been upgraded and added to the Benign Inquisition album by Dark Company, replacing the previous versions. These are only alpha mixes so need much work doing in terms of the guitars to be recorded properly using amplifiers, the drums to be fixed, mixing tweaks and mastering.

All of the old versions of songs on the Benign Inquisition album have been removed and new versions will be added in the coming days.

Bright Monsters is the opener to the album and is a darkly humourous heavy rock song with a killer chorus to incite mighty moshing.

Heavy Touch is track two and keeps up the rocking tempo with its feedback guitar (that, somewhat comically, wouldn’t feed back properly through the studio monitors) and its singalong earworm chorus.

To listen to these two splendid songs right now, simply click here and press ‘play’ on the Flamplayer in the new tab that opens. Enjoy!

If you would like to hear the original demo versions of Bright Monsters and Heavy Touch, they are on Dark Company’s Demos page, which will open if you click here.