Dark Company: Cable Guy and Change the Light

We’ve uploaded sonic upgrades of Cable Guy and Change the Light from the Noir album by Dark Company. Still very early versions, these are essentially just better recordings of what was already there with a few things added and tweaked in a few places.

Cable Guy is a ball-breaking rock song song about the troubles of modern war in the middle east and Change the Light is a more whimsical piece which is about the fascinating Nephilim.

The first four tracks of the Noir album are now upgraded alpha mixes, so when you are listening to the Flamplayer here at the Noir page for Dark Company, track #5 onwards will be a bit quieter. We shall be uploading more sonic upgrades of Dark Company songs from different albums in the coming days.

If you would like to listen to Change the Light or Cable Guy from the forthcoming Noir album by Dark Company as it stands at present, you can do so by clicking here.