Dark Company: Crash and Prisoner

The Dark Company album Alien Heat has had two more songs added to it. Crash and Prisoner have both been produced to alpha stage and fitted into the mp3 player where they belong.

The Alien Heat album by Dark Company is a collection of the songs played or at least partly composed by the band Alien Heat, from which Dark Company were formed. It still needs a lot of work to finish these songs, especially where it comes to mixing Prisoner as that one has over 90 tracks of audio! The entire Alien Heat album is now approaching full alpha status, with just two more songs – Wonderlust and The Joker – remaining to be added.

Crash is the digitally sequenced version of the song that appeared on Dark Company’s Signmaker album and takes a tongue-in-cheek prod at the TV genre of soap opera in general.

Prisoner is a collection of dark, philosophical wanderings and meanderings through the film set scenery of the beautiful and allegorical 1982 film by Jim Henson and Frank Oz, Dark Crystal.

If you would like to hear Crash, Prisoner, or indeed the rest of the Alien Heat album in its current state, you can do so by clicking here.