Dark Company: homepage updated

The homepage for Dark Company here at Wud Records has been updated. We felt that it needed to be done following the band’s recent loss of singer, frontman and lyricist Speedy Pete Greatorex. The rest of the band are determined to keep the flag flying for Dark Company.

There are no plans at present to replace Pete in any capacity for the time being. The Dark Company recordings that exist will be upgraded with new parts in time. These will be mainly guitar, bass and drums. We shall be doing more work towards mastering and releasing their songs and albums in the coming weeks and months. We shall let you know of any such developments in our News service.

Dark Company were working on a triple CD of new songs when Pete departed. We have reasonably good recordings of his vocals for all of the songs that were going to be used. The album has a provisional title of A for Acronym. We will be keeping the material under wraps until some of the band’s earlier works have been released.

If you would like to read more about Dark Company and their current status, you can visit their Wud Records homepage by clicking here.