Dark Company: long-awaited return to the studio

After just over two years, Dark Company have made a long-awaited return to the studio. It’s the first time they have done any significant recording work since Pete passed away just over two years ago. Since then we have all moved ourselves and our families and lives to another country, built a new studio, and everything is very different. Yet, somehow… the same. The energy, the focus, the sound, the feel. Sometimes things can stay the seem even when the odds seem overlwhelming.

The fact that this has happened at all seems like something of a miracle. It’s one thing to say, after the death of a close comrade following many years of successful creativity, “Oh yes, we’ll do some more of this one day”. It’s something completely different to actually do it.

The parts of the songs that have been recorded are some of the last ones that Dark Company were making before Pete’s passing. There was at least a triple-CD album in the making, provisionally titled A for Acronym. We have been developing those initial ideas with George, Zak, Maxx, Sven, Josh, and new addition Barry. Together we have developed a number of the demos that formed the ‘rock’ CD into alpha versions.

“It’s kinda weird, making music with a dead dude,” mused George during one session. All the raw sound from Pete’s vocal recordings remains on the machinery, including his comments and remarks and laughing and so on. It’s a bit creepy and sad in a way, yet his spirit is there with us as we work. His old chair from the uk studio is still there in our new studio and maybe his spirit sits there listening, giving encouragement or criticism. We tend to feel that he approves of our efforts.

For the time being we will not be releasing any of this new material until more of Dark Company’s earlier works have been completed and released. We are waiting on some repairs and some more acoustic treatment work in our studio before embarking along that particular journey. Of course, we will keep all of Dark Company‘s fans up to date in our News service and in our Twitter feed.

Dark Company have their own Twitter, which you can follow by clicking here. They are not the most prolific of tweeters, but like another of our bands, Flicker, they tend to show up at least once a month.

If you would like to hear any of Dark Company’s previous works, clicking here will take you to their homepage at Wud Records, where all of their albums (finished or work-in-progress) are arranged chronologically down the left-hand side of the page.